Xiaomi employees prefer to use the iPhone? Boss speaks plain language

Xiaomi employees prefer to use the iPhone? Boss speaks plain language

Xiaomi smartphones are extremely popular in the world. But do your own Xiaomi employees also use the Chinese company's cell phones or do they tend to use the iPhone? Most recently there were wild rumors that the chief developer of the MIUI interface would like to smash.

Xiaomi developers also use iPhones

Many companies let their own employees choose which smartphone they use. Xiaomi developers of the MIUI team recently got into the line of fire after it was discovered that some of them are probably using an iPhone. Immediately there were allegations that the errors that appeared in MIUI were not discovered because the developers themselves prefer to use an iPhone (source: myDrivers). Now the head of the MIUI development team has spoken out.

According to this, Xiaomi does not tell developers which smartphones they can use, but 95 percent still use a Xiaomi device. The remaining 5 percent rely on an iPhone. An employee joined this. When working at Xiaomi, it is difficult not to use a smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer . After all, as a developer you have to work with it and you have saved all access to it. It is the centerpiece that you always have with you.

Accordingly, the allegations against the MIUI development team from Xiaomi are absolutely out of thin air . Just because some people use an iPhone in their private lives doesn't have any impact on their work. Rather, it could even have a positive effect on it, as you naturally have to think outside the box to keep yourself up to date.

Xiaomi gives an insight into the production of the processor from the Xiaomi 12:

Xiaomi wants to make MIUI 13 significantly better

The criticism of MIUI 12 was not unjustified. Xiaomi smartphones struggled with a number of problems that the company had to laboriously resolve. That disappointed many owners. A huge update is planned with MIUI 13, with which not only will no more problems arise, but new functions will also be introduced again. So the expectations are high. The new operating system will probably be introduced with the upcoming Xiaomi 12.


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