Xiaomi 12 Ultra is losing its unique selling point - with good reason

Xiaomi 12 Ultra is losing its unique selling point - with good reason

Xiaomi is known to be very experimental with its smartphones. While in the middle class you basically get what you expect at low prices, there are surprises in the high-end sector. Compared to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, the Chinese company is rowing back a bit with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. But that doesn't have to be bad.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra without display on the back

Xiaomi will soon present its new high-end smartphones. We already know that Xiaomi would like to use the brand new Qualcomm chip in the new models. Much more is not yet known. Now, however, smartphone cases are appearing that probably come from an accessory provider. These often get access to the form beforehand so that suitable covers can be made. Photos of the cases have now appeared on Weibo and they really are tough. Xiaomi relies fully on the camera in the new models:

Compared to the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra, the design of the cameras in the new generation has changed drastically. They are much larger, so it can be assumed that the size of the camera sensors will increase. A completely new design is used, especially with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra . The Xiaomi 11 Ultra had a display on the side of the main camera.

The Chinese company does without this in the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, so that a really large main sensor is integrated in the middle. The periscope camera is probably installed underneath, and the ultra-wide angle is probably to the left. Otherwise, there are many more holes to be seen, where further lenses and sensors are likely to be hidden. Xiaomi sacrifices the second display on the back to build a completely new camera.

Xiaomi 12: Presentation will take place soon

Xiaomi presented the processor of the new smartphones and also confirmed that we didn't have to wait too long for the presentation. December 28th is very popular. The date has not yet been officially confirmed. There are also new details about the battery.


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