Xiaomi 12: Insider dampens expectations of the new high-end smartphone

Xiaomi 12: Insider dampens expectations of the new high-end smartphone

Xiaomi launched an extremely large number of Android smartphones this year. The highlight should follow with the Xiaomi 12 at the end of December. The expectations are gigantic, but the reality could turn out a little different - at least one insider claims.

Xiaomi 12 with a smaller battery that does not charge as quickly

Just like Samsung, Xiaomi will offer different versions of the new top smartphone. The Xiaomi 12, 12 Lite, 12X, 12 Pro and 12 Ultra are now known. It remains to be seen whether they will all really be revealed at the same event. The Xiaomi 12 will be available in any case and at least in one case it will not set new standards. It's about the built-in battery.

Accordingly, the Xiaomi 12 should be equipped with a 4,500 mAh battery that can be quickly recharged with 67 watts (source: Weibo). That is of course sufficient, but not a revolution. Countless smartphones offer this feature. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 11 (for the test) even has a slightly larger battery with 4,600 mAh . So far, it has actually been expected that the smartphone would be fully charged with 120 watts in a few minutes. But that could be reserved for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

If the information is confirmed, Xiaomi would follow Samsung's example. The differences between the models would be very clear. The goal is then to keep the price relatively low and to encourage more people to buy the Ultra model , which of course then draws on the full.

Xiaomi 12 is expected at the end of December

Xiaomi has not yet announced the official presentation of the new high-end smartphones. So far, only the processor has been revealed. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is used. Insiders expect the Xiaomi 12 to be unveiled in China on December 28th. Then at the latest we will find out whether the information that has emerged so far is correct or whether Xiaomi still has a surprise up its sleeve.


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