Xiaomi 12: Android smartphone is different than expected

Xiaomi 12: Android smartphone is different than expected

Xiaomi will soon present new high-end smartphones. Many details have surfaced in advance and in some cases have even been published by the Chinese company itself. But now a leak is causing a stir. The Xiaomi 12 will be much smaller than its predecessor.

Xiaomi 12 has a much smaller display

Last year, Xiaomi launched two high-end smartphones, the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra, which were downright huge. Both smartphones measure an impressive 6.81 inches, making them one of the largest Android phones on the market. But not everyone wants to carry such a huge device in their pocket. The Chinese manufacturer has also noticed this and is making the Xiaomi 12 considerably smaller .

According to @OnLeaks (check it out on Twitter), the Xiaomi 12 will only have a screen diagonal of 6.2 inches . This should also reduce the resolution to Full HD +. The Xiaomi Mi 11 still had WQHD +. Xiaomi positions itself even stronger against Samsung. The Galaxy S22 should also be a bit smaller and more compact. In addition to the Xiaomi 12, there should also be a 12 Pro and 12 Ultra. So you would cover all models of the biggest competitor.

Visually, the Xiaomi 12 doesn't do that much compared to the Xiaomi Mi 11:

The Xiaomi 12 basically looks like the Xiaomi Mi 11, only the camera on the back has undergone a significant overhaul. We see a huge main sensor and two other cameras there . It remains to be seen whether a telephoto lens is installed this time. Despite its more compact design, the battery is said to be 5,000 mAh and can be fully charged in a few minutes. It will be exciting to find out whether this will also work wirelessly this time and whether the smartphone is waterproof. So there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

The company has already announced the processor for the Xiaomi 12:

When will the Xiaomi 12 be presented?

Although the year is almost over, the Xiaomi 12 is said to be presented on December 28th. So far, however, no presentation has been announced, so we have to be patient.


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