With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple wants to orient itself more towards Android phones

With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple wants to orient itself more towards Android phones

Although the iPhone 13 Pro has only just come onto the market, information about the successor is already emerging - and it is tough. Apple wants to do without an important design feature of its smartphones with the iPhone 14 Pro and instead emulate modern Android phones. It's about the notch.

iPhone 14 Pro is said to have a punch-hole design

While the new iPhone 13 smartphones are selling like sliced ​​bread and Apple is even taking over the market in China, there are increasing rumors of a significant change in the design of the iPhone 14 Pro . According to information from The Elec, Apple will use a punch-hole design on all Pro models of the iPhone 14.

Instead of a notch, where all the sensors for Face ID, the proximity sensor, but also the front camera are housed, there would be small holes in the display , as known from modern Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S21. The Elec does not go into the question of whether Apple uses the new sub-display technology for the implementation, in order not to have to integrate a hole in the display for each sensor. Otherwise the iPhone could look like Swiss cheese in the upper area.

The information matches previous rumors from other Apple insiders. But you always have to be very careful, because Apple has only installed a narrower notch in the iPhone 13 models. The company isn't actually known for making a major change every year , but only after a few years. Of course, a punch hole design, if implemented correctly, could enable an unrivaled iPhone design. If Apple can do that, the change would be welcome.

If you don't know which iPhone 13 to buy:

iPhone 14 should keep Notch

The waiver of the notch should only affect the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The notch should continue to be used on normal iPhones. Apple could differentiate the design much more clearly. We will find out in the second half of next year whether this will really be implemented, because the new iPhones will probably not be presented until mid-September 2022.


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