Winterizing smartphones: 3 tips for the cold season

Winterizing smartphones: 3 tips for the cold season

Now it starts again. The cold season drives temperatures down and makes us tremble. But this is not an easy time for our smartphones either. It is important to make iPhone and Co. winterproof. You can do this with our 3 quick tips - easily understandable and easy to remember.

Even if modern smartphones are usually better protected and sometimes even certified according to IP68, it is better to pay attention to a few things, especially in winter.

3 tips to make smartphones winterproof

In general, expensive electronics don't like being exposed to extreme temperatures. This applies to heat, but also to the cold of winter. If, for example, there are major temperature shocks, i.e. a quick change from cold to warm, the risk of condensation increases. This could damage the technology. That is why the smartphone should be well protected even in the cold. Ergo ...

Tip 1: Wear close to your body: Winter is not the ideal time to wear your smartphone casually on the phone chain over your thick jacket. The cell phone is better placed close to the body underneath. A trouser or jacket pocket is also recommended. The main thing is that our body warms the good piece and doesn't let it freeze to death.

A protective case is also helpful. Rather impractical in summer, felt sleeves are wonderfully suitable in winter (see Amazon). What is good for our feet in the form of boots does not harm our smartphones in case of doubt.

Tip 2: Even in winter, the smartphone wants to be caressed and touched with love, the touchscreen demands it. However, it gets really cold with your bare fingers. However, normal gloves cannot be used. Fortunately, the selection of so-called touch gloves is now very large (view on Amazon). We can get such models for just a few euros. Keeps you warm and yet we can use it to operate iPhone and Co. without any problems.

You can read these and other tips and tricks for "smartphone winter" here:

Small flaw: The fingerprint sensor (called Touch ID on Apple) fails for understandable reasons. You either have to take off your gloves for a moment, enter the passcode or rely entirely on a possible face recognition (Face ID).

Tip 3: Your own fingers are of course warmest in your trouser or coat pocket. You can stay there even if you use a Bluetooth headset to make a call. Well, right now you are more likely to use suitable TWS Bluetooth earphones such as the AirPods from Apple (view on Amazon). Hands and smartphones always stay nice and warm and we can still chat or listen to music outdoors for a really long time.

If you can't see anything because of the snow, Google Maps will help you find your way around:

If it does get wetter

By the way: Finally, an extra tip. Should the smartphone become damp and wet due to too much snow , you should definitely avoid "force" drying the device. So it is better to do without aids such as a hair dryer or heating, instead "thaw" the cell phone slowly and carefully at room temperature and switch it off accordingly.


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