Windows 11 not necessary: ​​Google brings Android apps to every PC

Windows 11 not necessary: ​​Google brings Android apps to every PC

While Microsoft continues to work on the provision of Android apps for Windows 11, Google goes one step further: A separate Play Store for PCs is planned. Android apps should not only be offered for Windows 11.

Google: Play Store planned for Windows PCs

Microsoft would like to allow Android apps for Windows 11 via Amazon Appstore. What was previously only possible indirectly, could soon be offered by Google itself. The group would like to offer Android apps with its own Play Store for Windows PCs . Unlike Microsoft, not only Windows 11, but also Windows 10 should be supported here. But there is still one catch for the time being.

According to Google's announcement, the Play Store for Windows will be released in 2022, but not all Android apps will be included from the start. Above all, it should be games that are no longer only available on Android, but also on Windows 10 and 11. Google has not yet revealed which games will be involved. It should be about "favorite games" (source: The Verge).

A cooperation with Microsoft is not planned according to Google. Instead, the Play Store for Windows is an in-house development that is to be realized together with BlueStacks and other companies. A specific date for the publication was not given.

In the video we show you tips and tricks for Windows 11:

Android apps on Windows 11: Microsoft is taking its time

According to Microsoft's original plan, support for Android apps should already be available at the start of Windows 11. Ultimately, nothing came of that. Even today, most Windows 11 users still do not have access to Android apps . Only participants in the Insider program who have already installed the Windows subsystem for Android can use selected apps. But there is also an unofficial workaround.


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