WhatsApp: Practical trick reveals more in group chats

WhatsApp: Practical trick reveals more in group chats

There is a little trick in WhatsApp that affects read receipts with blue ticks and that you should be aware of. This gives you important information about the group members, which you could certainly use every now and then.

WhatsApp provides more information in group chats with a blue tick

Just recently, WhatsApp made a big change to voice messages and the blue tick. Now there is a new trick that also revolves around the blue hooks, but this time in group chats. Not many users know this, because it is relatively hidden. This can be used to find out which member of a group received and read your message and when .

To find out which group member has read a message from you in the chat, you have to mark your message with a longer touch and then go to the circled i at the top. You will then be shown the message information. There is not only your message that you sent in this group chat, but also all members of the group are listed with picture, name and time when the WhatsApp message was read. If you then go to one of the members, you will also receive the information when your message was delivered. So you can also see the difference between delivery and reading of the message.

Do you know how to pin important WhatsApp contacts? We show you these and other tips in the video :

Status must be checked individually for each WhatsApp message

With this method you can easily find out who has read which WhatsApp message from you in a group chat and when. However, this only works for the one message that you have sent yourself, and only individually. So you don't get a big overview of all messages. In addition, you cannot see who has read messages from strangers and when. Still a practical trick that you should know.


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