WhatsApp messages: users finally have more control

WhatsApp messages: users finally have more control

More control and flexibility for WhatsApp users: additional time periods can now be selected for the self-deleting messages on Android and iOS. The option is also available for group chats.

WhatsApp: Automatically delete sent messages

Messenger WhatsApp has long offered the option of sending messages not persisting forever. If desired, messages can be set to disappear after a certain point in time. WhatsApp is now more flexible here and allows different time periods , both with Android and iOS.

Previously it looked like the expiring messages will be removed after seven days. Additional options are now available 24 hours or 90 days . If a message is really only to be read briefly, then the 24 hours are recommended. The 90 days, on the other hand, are ideal if the message should be deleted but remain legible for a long time.

In addition, it is now optionally possible to set the self-deleting messages to be activated by default for all new chats . This also applies to group chats, although only the group creator can make a global setting here. In individual and group chats, all participants can see whether the self-deleting messages are activated.

The new settings for temporary messages can be found on WhatsApp under "Data protection". The options for "Standard message duration" are available here (source: WhatsApp).

More about self-erasing messages can be found in the video:

WhatsApp: Photos and videos for one-time view

The self-erasing messages go well with another feature that WhatsApp introduced back in August 2021. Videos and photos can be sent in such a way that the recipient can only view them once. After that , the files will disappear from the chat .


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