WhatsApp: Certain users get a lot more power

WhatsApp: Certain users get a lot more power

WhatsApp is regularly expanded to include new functions. This time the messenger unlocks more rights for certain users, who thereby gain considerably more power over other people. This can have positive, but also negative effects on the messenger.

WhatsApp: admins can delete everything

If you set up a group in WhatsApp and are stored there as an admin, you get a lot more power in Messenger. So far it has of course also been the case that founders had the opportunity to remove members from a group if they were unable to behave. In the latest beta version of WhatsApp, however, they get significantly more power. There admins can delete all messages - even if the admin did not write the message himself (source: WABetaInfo).

For administrators of a WhatsApp group, of course, new possibilities are created to bring order to a group. Unwanted messages, pictures, videos or voice messages can easily be deleted by the person responsible for the group - regardless of how old the content is. In this way you can create order if some members cannot behave, but you do not want to remove them directly from the group.

On the other hand, an admin can of course also delete content that he does not like himself and thus perhaps conceal certain things. If an admin deletes something, the only thing that is shown there is that it was deleted by the admin. So you can no longer determine what was there unless you happened to take a screenshot at the time. The content is then automatically deleted for everyone and is no longer visible. The function is still under development, but it should be available soon.

The best WhatsApp alternatives:

WhatsApp users can also delete messages

WhatsApp group admins have more options. Normal WhatsApp users who are only members of groups can continue to delete their messages themselves for a certain period of time. Nothing will change in this function for the time being.


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