WhatsApp beaten: This iPhone app is the hit of the year

WhatsApp beaten: This iPhone app is the hit of the year

An image on the App Store is usually not very surprising. At the top is usually WhatsApp, after all the most popular messenger in the world. This year, however, is different, as a look at the most popular iPhone apps in 2021 shows.

Apple takes stock in the App Store and has revealed which apps are particularly popular with German iPhone users. The usual suspects such as WhatsApp or Instagram were able to play up above in 2021, but another app grabbed the victory.

Most popular iPhone app: CovPass app beats WhatsApp

The CovPass app is in first place . No other app was downloaded as often this year. In times of pandemics and currently tightening 2G rules, the success of the CovPass app is of course obvious. The success of the Luca app, which won the silver medal in the app store's annual charts, is also obvious.

WhatsApp only comes in third place before an electronic pandemic helper appears again in fourth place: the Corona warning app, which, like the CovPass app, is being developed by the Robert Koch Institute.

Instagram, YouTube and the shopping app for second-hand clothing, Vintend, landed in positions 5 to 7. With Google Maps, PayPal and TikTok there are no notable surprises in places 8 to 10. These apps should be part of the standard repertoire on pretty much every smartphone.

Don't miss these apps:

Speed ​​camera app at the forefront of paid apps

Important to know: The top 10 above only covers the most popular free apps. The speed camera app "Blitzer.de PRO" prevailed among the paid apps . In second and third place are the Threema Messenger and "Oj, I'm growing!" - an app designed to help new parents understand changes in their babies' behavior. It is a real long-runner and after 2018, 2019 and 2020 it is now represented in the ranking for the fourth time.


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