WhatsApp: 9 rules that you shouldn t underestimate

WhatsApp: 9 rules that you shouldn t underestimate

Sometimes you could get the impression that everything is allowed in WhatsApp and there are absolutely no rules. Exactly the opposite is the case. There are nine rules that you should never break, otherwise your account will be blocked and you will no longer be able to use Messenger.

WhatsApp rules that you should definitely follow

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world. It doesn't work without rules. This is exactly why the group has set up nine important rules in the terms of use that no one is allowed to break. Otherwise the account will be blocked.

Insulting users
You are not allowed to insult, threaten or harass other users or to make or share any racist or ethnically offensive statements. Call for violence
WhatsApp may not be used to incite violence, illegal or otherwise inappropriate actions. This also applies to sharing content with violent crimes. Fake news
The messenger may not be used to distribute fake news with intentional untruths, misrepresentations or misleading statements. Send spam
WhatsApp users are not allowed to distribute "messages such as mass messages". The use of "auto messaging" or "auto dialing" is also prohibited. Messages or calls that have been recorded beforehand and automatically sent at a certain point in time are therefore not permitted. There is an exception only if you have WhatsApp approval. Fake another identity
WhatsApp does not require real names. Users can only be identified by their telephone number. The name can be chosen freely. Here you are not allowed to pretend to be a different person. Nicknames are allowed, however. Distribute malware
Files can also be sent via WhatsApp. Accordingly, you are not allowed to use the messenger to distribute viruses or other malware. Spy on users
You are not allowed to spy on users via WhatsApp. No information may be obtained from or about users in an impermissible or unauthorized manner. Too frequent changing of the mobile phone number
WhatsApp is tied to a cell phone number. There is no account to which you can log in with a username and password. If you change your mobile phone number too often, WhatsApp can at some point exclude you from the verification process. Hack WhatsApp or manipulate code
Anyone who tries to hack the messenger or manipulate the code in any way will be blocked immediately.

We'll tell you in the video what you can do on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp violations must be reported

WhatsApp only tracks violations if users report misconduct . Since the messages are encrypted end-to-end, you have to take action yourself if you encounter problems. Only then can WhatsApp do something about it.


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