Use Amazon Audible for 90 days for free - here s how

Use Amazon Audible for 90 days for free - here s how

The popular Amazon audiobook service Audible always has trial months on offer. Currently you can even get 3 months free of charge. xiaomist has the details.

Audible: the Christmas offer at a glance

Anyone who has been waiting for a great deal to try Audible out now has the perfect opportunity to do so. Amazon's popular audiobook service is currently free for 90 days . Usually Audible only offers one month for testing. However, the deal only applies to new customers and can only be used once per customer. From the 4th month the subscription costs the regular price of 9.95 euros per month and can be canceled at any time.

Audible: This is how Amazon's audiobook service works

Unlike direct competitors or music streaming services, with an active Audible subscription you do not have full access to all audiobooks. Instead, you pay 9.95 euros per month and receive credit for an audio book of your choice. With an active subscription you can also buy additional audiobooks at this price at any time, so you are not limited to one audiobook per month.

Sounds like a disadvantage at first, but Audible has by far the best audio book range on the market and numerous exclusive titles. In addition, the app is much more suitable for audiobook use than the music streamer applications - the reading status is saved, you can even synchronize it with the Kindle app and your Kindle eBook reader if you are reading the eBook at the same time. There are setting options for the reading speed and much more.

If you want to test Audible , you can do so free of charge for one month and receive a corresponding audio book for free. Amazon Prime customers can even try out the audiobook service free of charge for 60 days.

If you don't feel like subscribing anymore, you can cancel Audible at any time, the audiobooks are still available even if your subscription is inactive. Under certain circumstances, it is even possible afterwards to take out a new Flexi subscription, i.e. to continue to benefit from the discounted offer.

My tips: These Audible audiobooks are worth it

As a long-time Audible customer, I have heard many audio books on the platform. Here are four recommendations for works that have been set to music that I recently really liked:

Jon Krakauer: To icy heights

Gripping factual report on the 1996 ascent of Mount Everest, which resulted in a catastrophe. Fantastic reading to understand what drives people to the highest mountain in the world. How irrational decisions in the "mountain fever", but also random extreme weather changes, make the supposedly safe ascent to the "roof of the world" a danger that costs human lives almost every year to this day.

"In icy heights" at Audible

Andy Weir: The Martian

Mark Watney, who is probably the loneliest person in the universe stranded alone on Mars and struggles every day with limited resources and gigantic creativity to survive and to return to earth. This science fiction novel puts the emphasis on science, it's basically a contemporary Robinson Crusoe novel and so thrilling it almost makes your heart race. I saw the film first, then read the book and heard the audio book at the same time. In terms of content and tension, the book is in no way inferior to the film, and the audio book is presented in a formidable manner.

"The Martian" (unabridged) at Audible

Alina Bronsky: My grandmother's braid

The story of Russian immigrants who came to Germany in the 80s and tried to establish themselves socially. But also a family portrait that shows how an ultra-neurotic grandmother makes her grandson's life hell and how this grandson timidly emancipates himself. Insanely good tragicomic novel, also great performed in the audio book by Sophie Rois.

"My Grandmother's Braid" at Audible

Delia Owens: The Song of the Crayfish

The story of a girl who grew up alone on the East Coast marshes in the 1960s after being abandoned by her family. How she grows up, what relationship she has with nature and how she slowly approaches people. The book is a portrait, a study of society, a judicial drama, a crime and romance novel in one. The story is brutal and sensitive at the same time, the narrative is incredibly well composed. I liked it very much and kept myself thinking for a long time, even though I can't really do anything with crime novels or romance novels.

"The song of the crayfish" at Audible


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