Ubot Kids AI Posture Corrector

Xiaomi also cares about the little ones, and this time it shows with this new gadget; which is specifically designed to improve children's posture , for example, during reading and study moments.

xiaomi youpin corrector de postura niños

What are the characteristics of Xiaomi's AI posture corrector?

This new posture corrector for the little ones, from Xiaomi and Ubot is perfect for teaching the little ones to improve their posture while sitting, studying, watching TV, reading , playing, etc. This device provides benefits both to the eye and to the back .

On the other hand, this gadget is equipped with two LED lights that illuminate the entire front area, which facilitates reading and reduces eye fatigue ; especially in poor lighting conditions.

As for the operation, we can say that it is quite simple; since you just have to anchor it to the table with a threaded thumb and put the other part at a distance of at least 30 centimeters and let it work alone.

xiaomi youpin posture corrector kids

This allows us to show the little ones which is the best position with just one month of use (continuously). This children's posture correction gadget works thanks to its own artificial intelligence , and is capable of detecting through its camera, the distance at which we are, moving and knowing if we are twisting or getting too close to correct our posture .

  • Finally, thanks to the specific application for the phone, as well as the integrated camera, we have the possibility to monitor the progress on the go .

What is the availability and price of this posture corrector for children?

posture corrector

This new children's posture corrector from Ubot is now available on YouPin , as well as AliExpress . As for its price, this starts from € 60 depending on the color we choose.

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