Trouble with DHL parcel: WhatsApp will help you

Trouble with DHL parcel: WhatsApp will help you

If your DHL package is a long time coming or if there are any questions about shipping to be clarified, you can contact us via WhatsApp. The customer service of Deutsche Post and DHL can be reached there. However, it is not promised that you can be helped with it.

DHL and Deutsche Post: WhatsApp chatbot can help

The customer service of DHL and Deutsche Post can not only be reached via the conventional channels, but can also be contacted via WhatsApp . So if something is wrong with your delivery - whether it was sent by you or expected - you can check it out directly in Messenger (source: Twitter). General questions about the offer are also possible.

The advantages are obvious: customers can save themselves having to go to the DHL website when they need customer support or to click through the "Post & DHL" app. WhatsApp is already available to many smartphone users. Calls with a possible queue can also be avoided in this way. The customer service of Deutsche Post and DHL can be reached at 0228/76363719 .

However, it is not said that you will actually receive detailed information. First you land on Chatbot Marie via WhatsApp . "She" accesses answers from the help area of ​​DHL and Deutsche Post, as can be seen in our picture:

Concrete questions or special cases are still a challenge for the DHL chat program, as the company confirms. " Marie is still learning and therefore cannot answer everything yet. But we humans are also constantly learning, "DHL explained in the summer (source: Twitter).

You can find helpful tips on sending parcels via DHL in the video , even if customer service is not included:

DHL on WhatsApp: bad timing?

For many customers on Twitter, the start comes at an inopportune time: WhatsApp has been criticized for months. Fears about data protection with the popular messenger increased during this time, and the churn rate to alternative messengers such as Signal, Threema and Telegram increased. Accordingly, some are calling for the DHL service to be activated for other messengers.

Personal assessment of Felix

Deutsche Post and DHL made the right decision to use WhatsApp. Even after the allegations against WhatsApp and the decline in users, the messenger is still the undisputed number 1 in Germany. None of the alternatives has a comparable number of users. As long as it stays that way, the Deutsche Post DHL Group should not and will not do without WhatsApp in favor of others. Activating other messengers for customer support, but keeping WhatsApp, would be an option.


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