This would be the design of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra according to the latest rumors

In recent days we have not stopped talking about the Xiaomi 12 and especially the Xiaomi 12 Ultra . According to its official cover, supposedly leaked, this new device will have a particularly peculiar photographic module , integrating its different sensors in a circular way.

This time, Xiaomi seems to have opted for a "ring" design , integrating up to a total of six different cameras and a large triple flash that will provide extra lighting in dark environments.

This would be the design of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Well, after the filtration of its different protective cases, a new render of the supposed Xiaomi 12 Ultra has begun to circulate on the network, letting us see what its design would look like taking into account all these leaks and rumors .

Así sería el diseño del Xiaomi 12 Ultra según los últimos rumores. Noticias Xiaomi A

As we can see, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra would stand out or rather, it would attract attention, due to its rear design , integrating a large ring at the top and a wide variety of cameras among which we would find a ToF sensor and a telephoto lens.

Its front part, on the other hand, would remain faithful to the lines of the current Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra : a screen with curved edges and a top hole to house the selfie camera . Of course, this would be renewed probably counting with a higher refresh rate, perhaps 144Hz.

In short, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra could bring us great surprises , both in its design and in its photographic features. In just a few days, probably at the end of the month, we will find out all the details officially.

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