This is the reason why the Xiaomi 12 will not have a 2K display

Through its social networks, Xiaomi has given us certain details about its new Xiaomi 12 . With these little advertising glimpses we have learned more about this new flagship, however, one detail caught the attention of users .

The Xiaomi 12 screen, which will have a size of 6.28 inches, will not have a 2K panel but with a resolution of 1080P (FHD +). Faced with this situation, a Xiaomi representative has decided to explain the reason why the Xiaomi 12 will not have a 2K screen .

Compact size and battery saving

Through the social network Weibo, the product manager of the Xiaomi 12 series, Lao Wei, reported that the decision not to add a 2K screen was due to the compact size of the new device .

Esta es la razón por la que el Xiaomi 12 no tendrá una pantalla 2K. Noticias Xiaomi A
Xiaomi 12 pro and Xiaomi 12

Being a much smaller terminal compared to other mobiles, the capacity of its battery could not be so high . For this reason, they found it necessary to find an alternative for efficient autonomy savings.

In these cases, it is quite common for manufacturers to make these types of decisions to compensate for the compact size of the terminal. In other scenarios, the frequency of updates is usually reduced or the processor power is reduced .

The Xiaomi 12 screen is still up to scratch

Despite not having a 2K panel, the Xiaomi 12 screen is still up to par. It has Display Mate A + certification to consume less energy. It also has a maximum brightness of 1600 nits and 16000 levels of brightness adjustment . In addition, its color depth can reach up to 10 bits.

Este será el primer Xiaomi en llegar con MIUI 13 preinstalado. Noticias Xiaomi A

Xiaomi will continue to reveal more details about the characteristics of its new terminal as the date of its official presentation approaches . So if you want to know more about what the Xiaomi 12 will bring, stay tuned to our website where we will publish daily all the advances that the company gives us.

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