The Xiaomi Watch S1 will hit the Global market in the first quarter of 2022

Xiaomi seems to be preparing a new smartwatch for the Global market. So at least are the latest rumors that reach us, ensuring that the Xiaomi Watch S1 will debut in Europe and other markets throughout the first quarter of 2022 .

As we can read through 91mobiles , Xiaomi would be finalizing the preparations for the Xiaomi Watch S1 to launch it in Europe , Indonesia , Malaysia and Singapore in the first months of next year, as a small evolution of the Xiaomi Mi Watch .

Xiaomi Watch S1, possible features

Although, at the moment the characteristics of the Xiaomi Watch S1 are unknown, everything indicates that it will maintain the same round design of the current generation , updating only in its functionalities.

El Xiaomi Watch S1 llegará al mercado Global en el primer trimestre de 2022. Noticias Xiaomi A
Xiaomi Mi Watch

In this way, the Xiaomi Watch S1 could bring with it a greater variety of supported sports or even a better autonomy . Also, your variety of available colors could increase.

In short, Xiaomi seems to have plans for our market . And it is that in early 2022 it is expected that in addition to the Xiaomi Watch S1, other products will also arrive on the Global market, such as the new Xiaomi 12 or the POCO F4 .

Source | 91mobiles

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