The Xiaomi Smart Pen is available again for less than 70 euros

Manufactured as the ideal accessory for the Xiaomi Pad 5, the Xiaomi Smart Pen has become one of Xiaomi's most coveted items in recent months . Unfortunately this has a fairly high price, although thanks to offers like the one we bring you below you can buy it for much less.

Although, its official price stands at 99.99 euros, through Goboo, one of the latest official Xiaomi distributors, you can buy the Xiaomi Smart Pen for only 69.99 euros if you make use of the discount coupon of the same platform and the code « Goboo995 «.

Xiaomi Smart Pen, this is the perfect stylus for the Xiaomi Pad 5

Designed as the perfect companion to the Xiaomi Pad 5, the Xiaomi Smart Pen has a weight of just 12.2 grams , making it very comfortable and practical to use, whether to draw or simply scroll through the MIUI for Pad interface.

El Xiaomi Smart Pen vuelve a estar disponible por menos de 70 euros. Noticias Xiaomi A

Its tip, made of thermoplastic elastomer , is replaceable and is also capable of reaching 240Hz sampling rate , offering 4,096 levels of sensitivity that will allow us to draw and take annotations quickly and accurately.

In addition, this stylus stands out for its large battery. And is that the Xiaomi Smart Pen is capable of offering an autonomy of up to 8 hours of use , needing only 18 minutes to obtain a 100% charge.

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