The Xiaomi Mi A3 receives a mysterious update much larger than normal

A new and mysterious update has arrived for the Xiaomi Mi A3 , the company's latest device to be based on the Android One program and probably the last in this line of products that attracted so many users.

Although Xiaomi has maintained the support of its software by launching small security updates that do not usually exceed 130MB, this Christmas they have decided to surprise the users of the Mi A3 with an update of 458 MB .

The massive update of Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi maintains continuous support for the Xiaomi Mi A3 due to its large audience in the global market. However, the company will stop providing updates for the terminal from July 2022 .

At the beginning of this year Xiaomi faced and solved serious problems with the updates to Android 11 in said terminal . Although the months passed without major news, the update for the month of November was slow to be released .

The Xiaomi Mi A3 receives a mysterious update much larger than normal

However, Xiaomi has begun to roll out the update based on Android 11 for the month of December under the code V. RFQMIXM . It has a size of 458 MB, so it is a much larger update than normal.

It is still not very clear what makes up the new December update. However, according to the information provided by Google, it is intended to solve errors present in the Xiaomi Mi A3 , improve its security and stability of the device , and optimize its general performance .

El Xiaomi Mi A3 recibe una misteriosa actualización mucho más grande de lo normal. Noticias Xiaomi A
Xiaomi Mi A3

It should be noted that, with this new update, the Xiaomi Mi A3 has already received the two operating system updates that corresponded to it before ending its support in 2022. It is for this reason that the device will not be able to enjoy, officially, the new Android 12 .

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