The Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have an under-screen selfie camera according to the latest rumors

Although, yesterday we discovered the design of the Xiaomi 12 , today new rumors have begun to circulate around the Xiaomi 12 Ultra . This time, Xiaomi seems to have fully committed to this device, incorporating one of the newest features on the market.

According to Digital Chat Station through MyDrivers , the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will inherit one of the most remarkable features of the Xiaomi Mix 4 : its front design without any notch, that is, its selfie camera will be under the screen .

Xiaomi 12 Ultra, 6.6-inch screen with 2K resolution

Apparently, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have a 6.6-inch screen of 2K resolution , this being a curved type and also having a high-resolution selfie camera under the panel itself.

In addition, according to this new rumor, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will adopt a new hyperboloid design , resulting in its edges less curved than in the previous generation but with the same immersion effect.

In short, Xiaomi seems to have fully opted for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra screen . That if, at the moment it is a simple rumor and it will not be until the end of the month when we will probably know all the details officially.

Via | MyDrivers

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