The Redmi Note 8 begins to receive MIUI 12.5 through the Global ROM

After receiving MIUI 12.5 through the Chinese ROM , the Redmi Note 8 has begun to receive for the first time MIUI 12.5 in its Global variant , a most anticipated update, which will give this device a higher performance and a great improvement in as far as energy consumption is concerned.

In itself, the Redmi Note 8 has begun to update for the first time to MIUI 12.5 globally, thus starting the countdown for its arrival, also for the first time, to the European ROM of this device still so present among the user community. from Xiaomi.

In itself, we are facing V12.5.1.0.RCOMIXM , which is still in the My Pilot phase, that is, it has been deployed for a small number of users and later, if there are no major errors, its distribution of general form.

Will MIUI 13 come to the Redmi Note 8?

Although, to date there is no official publication by Xiaomi about whether the Redmi Note 8 will receive MIUI 13 , everything indicates that it will not . In this way, this update to MIUI 12.5 could be the last one you receive.

El Redmi Note 8 comienza a recibir MIUI 12.5 a través de la ROM Global. Noticias Xiaomi A

Let's not forget that Xiaomi's update policy only ensures updates for two years , so the Redmi Note 8 would stay out of this period and if it finally received MIUI 13 it would do so in a fairly limited way.

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