The new WhatsApp function wants to make you feel more secure

The new WhatsApp function wants to make you feel more secure

WhatsApp is constantly being given new functions that make Messenger better. This time, WhatsApp is planning a small feature that should indicate that the Messenger offers a very specific feature. This should make users feel more secure.

WhatsApp wants to point out more about security

The WhatsApp Messenger has been offering end-to-end encryption for chats and video calls for a very long time. This means that outside access should not be possible. WhatsApp wants more people to know and, according to WABetaInfo, is planning an indicator that shows more clearly when a chat or video call is taking place in encrypted form .

In a previous version of WhatsApp that is not yet publicly available, notes appeared in the call list and in the status area, which informs that the respective functions are equipped with end-to-end encryption. But even more references to end-to-end encryption should be integrated in the messenger.

So far, you only get a hint about the encryption in WhatsApp when you start a new chat. Recently, however, this topic has become more and more important for Meta (formerly Facebook) and the WhatsApp Messenger wants to point out more strongly that users can communicate securely .

The best WhatsApp alternatives:

WhatsApp also encrypts backups

In fact, WhatsApp is now considered a relatively secure messenger. It was only recently that the largest security gap was closed. Backups that were stored in Google Drive or in the Apple Cloud were not encrypted. Now users can switch on the encryption for the backups. But that doesn't happen automatically, so you have to take action yourself. You can find out how this works here.


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