The MIUI Health program for release on MIUI 13 is subject to change

MIUI interface is an Android based operating system made by Xiaomi. From the beginning, this program offers more features than any other alternative. However, most of these features are unique to mainland China. One of these features is the built-in MIUI Health app. Changes to this app were revealed before the release of MIUI 13.

Xiaomi is currently testing a beta version of MIUI Health in China. This new version of the program can be used only by official testers through logged-in accounts. However, @miuibetainfo has found a way around this. This prompted Xiaomiui to report the changes.

New MIUI Health App 01

According to the findings, the new MIUI Health app is almost similar to the Xiaomi Wear app. And it looks like Xiaomi is trying to replace the Wear app with this MIUI-based software on its smartphones.

The current MIUI Health Sustainable Program has only two sections called Dashboard and Exercise. But the next version, which is in beta, also includes device and account sections. In addition, the design language comes with options such as avatars and more.

New MIUI Health App 02

Users can now pair all Xiaomi and Redmi wearable products that are compatible with the Xiaomi Wear app. This list includes Xiaomi color watch, Xiaomi sports color watch, Xiaomi 2 color watch, Redmi watch, 2 Redmi watch, Smart strap 5, Smart strap 6 and Redmi strap.

New MIUI Health App

Xiaomi user interface suggests that the new MIUI Health will be part of MIUI 13. Once this app is established in the future, Xiaomi and Redmi smartphone users will no longer need to install the Xiaomi Wear app for their Xiaomi Group wearables.

The new MIUI Health app is expected to remain China-exclusive as before because, like most MIUI system applications, it is uninstallable.


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