The Global version of MIUI 13 will arrive at the beginning of 2022 for all these Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO

Following the presentation of MIUI 13, Xiaomi released the Global version deployment schedule , detailing the arrival date of the first updates as Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices will arrive safely.

Recall that MIUI 13 has been presented as a somewhat "light" version in relation to what we expected. This new version focuses on user privacy, adding certain aesthetic changes, new wallpapers and a wide variety of widgets .

In addition, MIUI 13 will mark the beginning of the universality of this system in all its devices , not only for smartphones, but also for other products of the brand such as televisions, smart watches and speakers.

MIUI 13 Global official deployment schedule

La versión Global de MIUI 13 llegará a comienzos de 2022 para todos estos Xiaomi, Redmi y POCO. Noticias Xiaomi A

As detailed by Xiaomi, the Global version of MIUI 13 will begin to be deployed throughout the first quarter of 2022 and will arrive for the following devices:

  • Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11i, Mi 11X, Mi 11X Pro, Mi 11 Lite 5G, Mi 11 Lite 4G, Xiaomi 11 Lite NE
  • Xiaomi 11T, Xiaomi 11T Pro
  • Redmi 10, Redmi 10 Prime, Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro, Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, edmi Note 10 JE
  • Redmi Note 8 (2021)

Beyond these devices, everything remains a mystery since Xiaomi has not confirmed if MIUI 13 will reach other smartphones in its extensive catalog .

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