The European version of MIUI 12.5 reaches one of the best-selling Xiaomi

After arriving at the Redmi 9T, Xiaomi has started updating one of its best-selling smartphones to MIUI 12.5 . We are talking about the Redmi Note 8T , a terminal still very present in the market, which will undoubtedly benefit from all the changes and optimizations of this version.

In itself, the Redmi Note 8T has received the V12.5.2.0.RCXEYXM update, this being a version intended for the MIUI European ROM, also known as EU or EEA, that is, intended for all those terminals purchased in Europe .

Thanks to this update, the Redmi Note 8T will greatly improve its performance, achieving a little more autonomy thanks to the changes and improvements that MIUI 12.5 integrates itself. You can download the OTA version of this update from this link .

MIUI 13 could also come to the Redmi Note 8T

Although, at the moment Xiaomi has not detailed if MIUI 13 will reach the Redmi Note 8T, everything indicates that it will . In one of the last filtered lists the Redmi Note 8 Series appears almost completely as upgradeable to this new version of MIUI.

La versión Europea de MIUI 12.5 llega a uno de los Xiaomi más vendidos. Noticias Xiaomi A

In short, Xiaomi seems not to have forgotten its cheaper terminals and with more than two years on the market . Let's remember since the launch of the Redmi Note 8T, a wide variety of smartphones have been appearing.

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