Terminate internet and mobile phone contracts: From tomorrow it will be a lot easier

Terminate internet and mobile phone contracts: From tomorrow it will be a lot easier

With the new Telecommunications Act, improvements are imminent for mobile and Internet customers. From December 1, it will be easier and often earlier to terminate contracts for mobile and landline networks.

As of December 1st, things will change for the better for mobile phone customers and everyone who has internet or landline contracts. "Guilt" is the new version of the Telecommunications Act, which then comes into force under the cumbersome name of the Telecommunications Modernization Act. That sounds daunting at first, but it does bring a lot of advantages for consumers .

Telekom, Vodafone, o2: Contracts can be terminated monthly after the end of the term

One innovation stands out, which affects everyone who has a mobile phone, landline or internet contract. Because such contracts will soon no longer be allowed to be extended one year to the next - even if you do not terminate (source: Consumer Association Federal Association / VZBV)

The following applies in the future: After the end of the contractually stipulated term, the term contract becomes an unlimited one without notice. Consumers can then cancel at any time with one month's notice .

The typical mobile phone contract from Telekom, Vodafone, o2 and Co., for example, has a term of 24 months. If these have expired and the notice was not given in good time, another year has been added so far. There is again an early notice period of three months. If that is missed again, there will be another 12 months and so on.

From December 1st, after the end of the first term, the law will switch to a contract that can be terminated at any time, with a period of four weeks. According to VZBV, this also applies retrospectively to previously concluded contracts.

Further innovations are planned around contracts for mobile communications or landline internet: Changes to the terms of a contract can be made unilaterally by the provider. Since in such a case consumers could easily be at a disadvantage, a right of termination without notice is introduced . Customers can make use of this if the contract is to be adjusted unilaterally to their disadvantage. Providers must inform them in writing about the changes in good time.

Consumers get information about better offers

In addition, all customers who have an ongoing contract with a provider for Internet, telephone or mobile communications will in future be informed about better alternative tariffs at least once a year . The providers are obliged to do this. Existing customers should be saved from paying too much for overpriced old tariffs.

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Contracts discussed over the phone are no longer valid from December 1st without written confirmation. The written version must also contain a summary of the main parts of the contract, such as the provider's contact details, agreed conditions and costs, as well as the duration and conditions for an extension or termination.


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