Telekom is giving away 100 GB of data volume: This is how you get it

Telekom is giving away 100 GB of data volume: This is how you get it

In December, Deutsche Telekom is giving its customers a really big data gift. Most customers - but also people from other providers in the Telekom network - get an impressive 100 GB high-speed data volume.

Telekom is giving away 100 GB of high-speed data volume

Anyone at Telekom can be happy. From today you can secure an additional 100 GB high-speed data volume for free . You can consume this after calling it up until the end of the month in Germany. Even if we are currently not able to move around as freely and do everything as usual, the data volume can be used, for example, to stay in contact with family and friends who cannot be seen on Christmas or New Year's Eve. But otherwise you can simply use the data volume to consume videos, films and series or to gamble.

You can get the free data volume from Telekom in two ways:

You visit on your smartphone and activate the Christmas present there. You go to the MeinMagenta app on your smartphone and activate it there.

Then you have 100 GB of additional high-speed data volume available that you first use before you go to your normal data volume. To be on the safe side, you will receive an SMS confirming activation. This also works for me, although I use MagentaMobil M via Mobilcom-Debitel :

Why you should cancel your cell phone contract regularly:

Who can take part in the Telekom campaign?

Basically everyone who signed a mobile phone contract after 2011. Prepaid users are also permitted . The following is a detailed list of customers who can secure the data gift:

MagentaMobil MagentaMobil Young Family Card Data Comfort MagentaMobil prepaid customers with CombiCard

The promotion only runs in December, so you should secure the high-speed data volume now so that you have the whole month to use it up.


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