Telegram helps you cover your tracks

Telegram helps you cover your tracks

There is a new update for Telegram. Version 8.3 of the messenger puts a special focus on the control of your own messages. But the management of multiple devices is also improved.

Telegram has recently fallen into disrepute in the public debate. Messenger is often denigrated as a fake news sling. However, this does not detract from its popularity, the WhatsApp alternative had more than 500 million users at the beginning of the year - and the trend is rising. With Telegram 8.3 they get a whole range of new functions.

Telegram 8.3: Messages can be deleted by date

Perhaps the most important innovation is the ability to delete your own messages by date (source: Telegram). With a tap on the date bar, users can delete the chat history of a specific day or period in each individual chat. Telegram writes that users should have "complete control over their digital fingerprints".

Also new is the improved protection of content posted in groups and channels. Group and channel owners can now limit content to members . Message forwarding in chat is limited, which, according to Telegram, should also prevent screenshots and limit the possibility of saving media from posts.

If you don't want to post under your own name in public groups, you can now choose the name and picture of your own channel as the sender.

Device management is optimized

Telegram can not only be used on the smartphone, but also on the PC or notebook. In the settings under "Devices" there is now a new button with which a desktop device can be connected more quickly . Also new is a setting with which inactive devices can be automatically logged off after a while.

And the registration has also been revised. On "some mobile devices", according to Telegram, you can now log in by phone . It works as follows: You are called by Telegram and then you have to enter a few digits of the phone number that called in the app.

Telegram is one of many WhatsApp alternatives:

Special innovations for Android and iPhone users

In addition, there are some specific functions for Android and iOS in Telegram 8.3. Android users now also have access to the global chat color themes (8 in total) that were previously available on iOS. The chat settings have also been redesigned. iPhone users, on the other hand, expect text recognition in photos (from iOS 13) and the ability to format text in media labels. The contact information should also have been revised in the iOS 15 design.

Despite the small version jump, Telegram 8.3 has become a really big update. The big competitor WhatsApp can take a look at some innovations, especially better control over one's own messages.


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