Sonos One on offer: WLAN speakers finally affordable again

Sonos One on offer: WLAN speakers finally affordable again

The Sonos One is the smallest multi-room loudspeaker from the Californian company, but it can convince with its remarkably good sound. Actually, an impressive 229 euros (RRP) are due for a single Sonos One. xiaomist shows you where you can currently get the smart speaker on offer.

Update from December 16, 2021 : At Saturn, the Sonos One is currently on offer for 179 euros (free shipping). The same price can also be found at the sister company MediaMarkt. After a long dry spell, this is finally an interesting Sonos deal for bargain hunters. Tip: For subscribing to the newsletter, Saturn (or MediaMarkt) can get a further 10 euro discount in the form of a coupon.

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Sonos One: 2nd generation leveled off at less than 200 euros

The Sonos brand stands for what is probably the best multiroom system on the market. If you want to fill your apartment with sound right down to the last corner, this is the right place, but you have to dig deep into your pockets: The speakers are relatively expensive and also relatively stable in price. The Sonos One, which was originally presented in autumn 2017, is just under 200 euros, as the price comparison at Idealo shows.

What you have to consider here: The second generation of the Sonos One appeared in March 2019, which brings minimal technical changes. In practice, this has so far not played a role, because both generations fulfill the same functions. In the meantime, this 2nd generation is the model normally offered on the market. If you are skeptical, you should still make sure that it is really the newer model when buying (recognizable by the product description and on the box of the speaker, ask the dealer if necessary).

We do not expect a radical fall in prices in the foreseeable future; that is unlikely. If you look at older Sonos products, then you can deduce that the Sonos One will also continue to stay at its current price level. Alongside Apple, Sonos is one of the most stable tech brands in terms of price. Exceptions are, of course, certain days of action, such as Christmas or Black Friday. As a rule of thumb, we recommend: You shouldn't spend more than 200 euros on a single Sonos One.

Sonos One: A versatile and highly recommended speaker

The Sonos One offers numerous advantages: Be it the great sound (can even be improved by measuring the room), the multitude of streaming services supported (including Apple Music) or the successful smartphone app. Important for bundle buyers: Two Sonos One can be very easily combined to form a stereo pair. Streaming via Airplay 2 is also possible.

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In our test of the Sonos One, we gave it a very good score of 86 percent. In the duel with Apple's HomePod, it did well and was even able to outdo its more expensive rival in some styles of music. What some users lack on the Sonos One is a Bluetooth interface to stream music independently of WiFi - this feature is only available with some competitors, such as the Bose Soundtouch 10. The only Sonos speakers with Bluetooth are the Sonos Move ( around 400 euros) and the Sonos Roam (around 180 euros).

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The Sonos One should not be confused with the older and cheaper Sonos Play: 1. It looks so similar, but offers neither Alexa support nor AirPlay 2. We would recommend the newer model in almost every case - or the Sonos One SL, the actual successor to the Play: 1. An exciting new alternative are the Symfonisk speakers from Ikea (xiaomist test), which represent the cheapest entry into the Sonos world in terms of price. However, there are no microphones installed here, so the Alexa / Siri / Google Assistant function of the Sonos One has to be dispensed with.


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