Sonos on offer: Tink puts together attractive bundles with One, Roam and Beam

Sonos on offer: Tink puts together attractive bundles with One, Roam and Beam

Sonos speakers are best bought in a set, because then you can save a lot. At Christmas, the smart home specialist Tink is proving that this strategy is the right one.

The Californian manufacturer Sonos is what is called a "premium brand". It stands for the highest quality, special durability and good design. As a result of this positioning, the products are in the upper price range, and they are also comparatively stable in price. Fortunately, there are occasional exceptional situations in which smart Sonos customers can quickly access.

Christmas campaign at Tink: These Sonos offers are worthwhile

The Berlin-based retailer Tink has launched the "Merry Tinkmas" campaign in its online shop and offers discounts of up to 60 percent on smart home products from Sonos, Google, Philips Hue, Tado and others. You can also get 6 months of Spotify Premium for free. From our point of view, these are the best savings offers:

Sonos Roam + Charger for 209 euros (instead of 248 euros RRP): Mobile waterproof smart speaker in white or black, read our review of the Sonos Roam here.

Sonos Roam Stereo Set + Charger for 379.95 euros (instead of 447 euros RRP): Also available in a set of two with wireless charger.

Sonos Beam Gen 2 + Google Nest Mini for 499.95 euros (instead of 558 euros RRP): 2nd generation of the smart soundbar in a bundle with smart speakers from Google.

Sonos One + Google Nest Hub (2nd gen.) For 269.95 euros (instead of 328.99 euros RRP): classic smart speakers from Sonos in a bundle with a smart screen from Google.

Smart home offers at Tink: These bundles are also heavily discounted

In addition to Sonos, Tink has significantly reduced the price of other smart home brands, the following bundles are currently particularly cheap and are perfect as Christmas gifts. Especially if you want to save energy, you should take a closer look at the thermostat deals.

Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3 + with 2 thermostats and bridge for 129.95 euros (instead of 224.98 euros RRP). Also available with 3 thermostats for 179.95 euros (instead of 299.98 euros RRP). 2x Google Nest Hub (2nd generation ) for 99.95 euros (instead of 199.98 euros RRP): Smart display with voice control in a double pack. Google Nest Hub (2nd gen.) + 3x colored E27 lamps from Ledvance for 89 euros (instead of 159.84 euros RRP): perfect for atmospheric Christmas lighting by voice command.

The offers are valid as long as stocks last, the Christmas promotion at Tink ends on January 7, 2022.


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