So you can put a transparent background on your Xiaomi using the camera

In Google Play Store there are multiple interesting applications . Many of these become tools for our daily use, while others entertain and amuse us . Such is the case of the most famous application of the HD Camera development team, which allows you to place a transparent wallpaper on any Xiaomi using its camera .

Launched in 2018 and with more than 10,000,000 downloads in the Google store, the Live Wallpaper application allows us to create a unique experience on our Xiaomi desktop and it also does so by occupying only 1.92 MB .

This interesting application that you should definitely try has two main features : a live wallpaper; accompanied by various parallax effects and rotation vectors, and a transparent screen; that uses the device's camera to create a transparency effect.

How to create a transparent background using your Xiaomi camera

Using the Live Wallpaper app is pretty straightforward. To get started, all you have to do is download and install the app from the Google Play store. Then it will be enough to follow these steps:

So you can put a transparent background on your Xiaomi using the camera. Xiaomi  News

  1. Enter the Live Wallpaper application and then click on « transparent «
  2. Next, the application will ask for your permission to use the camera of your Xiaomi. Grant the permission for it to function properly.
  3. A preview of what the transparency will look like as the wallpaper will be displayed on the screen. To continue, click on " Set as wallpaper ".
  4. Then you must define where you want to see the transparent wallpaper. You can choose to only work on the main screen or also on the lock screen.

Once your selection is made, you will be able to see how the wallpaper now becomes completely transparent . This fun effect can be customized in the app's settings menu, where you can configure different sections such as distance and speed .

Likewise, you can also set the wallpaper to pause once the battery saving mode is activated . If you like how the effect looks on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, all you have to do is share it with your colleagues and have a fun afternoon.

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