Setting up a home office 2022: Useful gadgets for the home office

Setting up a home office 2022: Useful gadgets for the home office

Working from home is efficient and fun - but only if you have prepared yourself well beforehand. xiaomist shows which equipment home office professionals use in order to be able to work productively and comfortably.

A year ago hardly anyone would have expected it, now the facts have caught up with the world of work and turned it upside down. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, many employees are forced to switch to the home office. For some people this is a completely new situation, for others it has been a normal working day for years - long before COVID19. What do you absolutely need, what makes work more pleasant? Here are the tips from the xiaomist editorial team.

The basis: a height-adjustable desk

"The desk is the place where the world decides," is a saying of unknown origin. Well, there is something to it - at least the desk is the basis of every office workstation. So it makes sense not to be too stingy here, but to equip yourself as best as possible. Ergotopia's desk is electrically height adjustable. This practical function is implemented with particularly quiet motors.

Inexpensive alternative: IKEA Skarsta / Trotten for 209 euros - with a hand crank.

For the power supply: socket strip with surge protection

This power strip from Brennstuhl protects the connected devices during thunderstorms. It has 6 sockets and a central on / off switch. A clever solution: The sockets are arranged at a 45-degree angle, which can be an advantage with bulky power supplies.

For the USB, Lightning & Co .: desktop cable organizer

When the charging cable for the mobile phone has already fallen behind the desk and a search begins on all fours - then it's time for a cable organizer !

Functionally similar is Romma, the cable collector from IKEA.

For warm feet: slippers

When your feet are cold, your mood and concentration are in a mess. The best measure are heat-insulating slippers. We recommend the Thermoball Tent from the outdoor brand The North Face. Flexible, chic and above all warm.

For the PC: monitor with integrated webcam

Virtual meetings every day? The VG2440V monitor from Viewsonic is a 24-inch screen for the PC with a webcam built into the frame. A microphone and loudspeaker are also included, and the model is height-adjustable.

For joy: fitness tires

How are you supposed to be sad while having a "hula hoop" circle around your waist? The sports equipment, which was popular as early as the 1950s, is a source of joy, shedding pounds from home office and is currently experiencing a comeback.

Clean up quickly: Reusable cleaning compound

Crumbs and dirt in the keyboard can be removed quickly and easily by using the Cyber ​​Clean cleaning compound. The reusable high-tech product from Switzerland even has an antibacterial effect.

For the back: a real office chair

Sitting in the wrong chair for hours is not recommended. It is therefore worth investing in a good office chair that is adjustable and on which you can sit comfortably. One of the bestsellers at the shipping giant Otto is the Duo Collection executive chair "Regensburg", which is currently particularly cheap.

Alternative: The Nowy Styl Net Motion scored "good" (1.9) at Stiftung Warentest (02/2017 edition), but at over 200 euros it is also significantly more expensive. More on this in our xiaomist guide "Gaming chairs in the test".

For well-being: an air purifier

"It is not enough to think, you have to breathe" - these words are attributed to the Swiss writer Elias Canetti. Modern air purifiers filter dust, pollen and even cigarette smoke from the air and thus provide a "fresh breeze" that is certainly not detrimental to thinking at work. The test winner at Stiftung Warentest (03/2020 edition) is the Philips AC 2889/10 Series 2000 - it was able to secure the grade "good" (2.4). Inexpensive and good alternative for small rooms: The Sharp UA-PE30E-WB was able to convince in the xiaomist practical test.

Further recommended air cleaner models in the xiaomist purchase advice :

For the paperwork: a printer

Now is the right time to dispose of the old printer and get a modern successor. The HP OfficeJet 8012 multifunction printer can print on both sides and supports WiFi, Cloudprint and Airprint. Stiftung Warentest's verdict is 2.8 ("satisfactory").

For video conferences: A webcam with a USB connection

Looking for a webcam? A real price-performance tip is the Logitech C920 HD Pro , which is simply attached to the top of the monitor and connected to the computer via USB.

You can find more good webcams in the xiaomist purchase advice :

For the buttocks: a good pillow

Sitting can be exhausting if the surface is not good. It is therefore advisable to invest in an ergonomic seat cushion with a soft memory foam insert.

For the hand: a decent mouse

"Working with a mouse has never felt so easy and carefree," said xiaomist editor Robert in the test of the Logitech MX vertical mouse . Although the wireless input device is significantly more expensive than conventional computer mice, it is particularly recommended for hours of office work due to its unusual vertical orientation. Important: This ergonomic product is only suitable for right-handers.

For the wrists: mouse pad and palm rest

It may take some getting used to, but it is a blessing for the wrists: Special pads with memory foam make office work at home a lot more pleasant. Available as a set consisting of a mouse pad and keyboard palm rest for around 12 euros. And let's be honest: Who cares what it looks like - it serves its purpose and that's a good thing. Additional tip: A hand trainer set that keeps the muscles fit.

For the ears: noise-canceling headphones or hearing protection

You can concentrate on your work in a quiet environment. Anyone who is exposed to raging children, construction site noise, airplanes and cars rushing by at home should get good noise-canceling headphones that can be worn for several hours at a time. Our recommendation is the tried and tested Bose QuietComfort 35 II , which some xiaomist editors have been using for years in the office and at home. Also suitable as a headset for Skype and Slack calls.

Further to the topic:
The best noise-canceling headphones: over- and in-ear models with noise cancellation

A cheap alternative (without music and without a headset function) is hearing protection in professional quality for around 18 euros.

And if it's the noisy children who keep you from working at home: has put together recommendations for indoor games for children. They could keep bullies from dancing on the desk.

For notes: good pens

A well-equipped home office has writing instruments that you can rely on. Our recommendation is the Uni-ball UB-157ye Fine ballpoint pen (5 pieces approx. 9 euros) - a quality product from Japan. To go with it: College pad A4 squared, pack of 5.

For the whole body: Smartwatch or fitness tracker with movement reminder

Anyone who sits a lot during work easily forgets to get up and move around in between. A useful helper is a smartwatch like the Apple Watch 6, which regularly reminds you that it is time for some exercise. The Fitbit Charge 4, which can also do this, is significantly cheaper.

If you stay at home all day, the lack of exercise is already inevitable. xiaomist has tested fitness apps and services - they help to carry out a small or larger sports program at home without any further aids:

For communication: a reliable headset

Another slack call where nobody understands you? Bad sound quality is not only annoying, it also comes across as unprofessional to colleagues and customers. You shouldn't trust the built-in microphone in the laptop. Better: A decent Sennheiser headset for around 50 euros is enough to significantly improve the situation.

Further to the topic:

Headset test: recommendations for home office, office and co. 5 Bluetooth headsets and in-ears with mute button

For the power supply: A power supply unit for professionals

The Anker PowerPort + Atom III for around 45 euros is ideal for making your desk at home a little tidier. The compact power supply for the wall socket can supply two devices with energy at the same time, such as a smartphone and a Macbook Air or HP Specter x360.

An important tip at this point: changing electricity providers is easier than many people think. With comparison portals like CHECK24 you can compare electricity tariffs and ideally save several hundred euros a year. The more time you spend at home, the more important it is to have a cheap electricity tariff.

For high-performance WLAN: A top-class router

Everything depends on the internet. If the home WLAN causes constant problems, then the home office becomes a test of patience. Therefore our advice: Don't save on the router! The best models come from the Berlin manufacturer AVM, as confirmed by Stiftung Warentest. The AVM FritzBox 7590 is highly recommended for DSL connections - not exactly cheap at just under 230 euros, but technically outstanding. Thanks to multi-user MIMO, it is a good investment, especially in households with many end devices (laptops, tablets, smart TV, etc.).

For more screen space: a second (mini) monitor

Many people have two monitors at work - but only one at home. If you want to save some space in your own four walls, you can get a portable and compact second monitor, such as the USB-C monitor from Viewsonic, for just under 270 euros. Perfect for Slack or Skype while the main monitor is for the real work.

For well-being: indoor plants

Nice to look at and good for your health: Plants can clean the room air by removing harmful substances from the air - this has been scientifically proven. What many do not know: At online retailers such as Amazon or Blume2000, you can conveniently order indoor plants from home and have them delivered.

For the breaks in between: A Bluetooth speaker with a good sound

Listening to your favorite song at a high volume in the office from time to time? Rather difficult - unless the colleagues share the same taste in music. At home, it's easier to clear your head by listening to a few minutes of music. In addition to Bluetooth, the Sonos Roam also supports WLAN and sounds great. Of course, it is also perfect for listening to the news via the radio app. More on this in the detailed xiaomist test.

Alternative: the JBL Tuner 2, a Bluetooth speaker with an integrated DAB radio.

You can find out more information about Bluetooth speakers in our video:

And after the job is done, you can use the loudspeakers to listen to audio books - if you don't prefer to watch the best series for a quarantine.

For the whole desk: a mega mouse pad

A mouse pad can be big - the hardcore gamer scene has been leading the way for years. You can now find a great selection of giant mouse pads on Amazon, such as the easy-to-clean "Eleoption" in size 90 x 45 cm. Those who prefer the "classic" soft material can get the "Amazon Basics Mouse Pad" with a fabric surface for 15 euros.

For the muscles: ergometer

Kick is good! Instead of slowly putting on new pounds in the home office, you should rather do some sport. An ergometer gets the circulation going and maintains general physical performance. You can find detailed information about this in our new purchase advisor Ergometer in the test: These are the best exercise bikes for cycling at home.

To keep things tidy: desk organizer

In the past it was ink cartridges and paper clips, today it is SD cards, adapters and USB sticks. You need an "organizer" so that nasty odds and ends don't turn your desk into a rummaging table. It ensures that nothing is lost anymore.

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for working from home? Write us your home office tips in the comments.


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