Samsung wants to make the “impossible” smartphone even crazier

Samsung wants to make the

More and more manufacturers are building foldable smartphones. The real challenge, however, is a different technology that has so far failed all manufacturers. Samsung has big plans and probably wants to know right. The "impossible" smartphone could get even crazier.

Samsung is developing a double retractable smartphone

Samsung has already launched some folding phones and now the competition is slowly following suit. The biggest challenge is still ahead, because Samsung also wants to build a retractable smartphone. This is often referred to as the "impossible" smartphone, as no manufacturer has yet managed to bring a finished device onto the market . The technology just doesn't seem ripe for it yet. And yet Samsung wants to go one step further.

The South Korean company is not only developing a smartphone on which the screen can be rolled out to one side and thus enlarged, but also upwards. This is how the cell phone could be pulled in width and height :

The application examples show what this would look like. Of course, you don't have to use both at the same time. Either you want to extend the screen, for example to display a keyboard without reducing the screen. Or you just want a slightly wider screen so you can look at more and turn it into a tablet . The possibilities are very diverse.

Samsung has a lot of crazy ideas for smartphones:

LG almost got ahead of Samsung

LG Mobile may have left the smartphone market, but it actually developed a roll-out cell phone that actually worked and should come out on the market. In the end, however, it didn't work out because the smartphone business was completely discontinued . Now it is probably up to Samsung to be the first company to bring a roll-out smartphone onto the market.


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