Samsung under pressure: smartphone rivals increasingly popular in Europe

Samsung under pressure: smartphone rivals increasingly popular in Europe

Samsung has to cope with that first: In the third quarter of 2021 things did not go well for the otherwise so successful group, the market share on the European smartphone market is practically melting away. One Chinese competitor benefits in particular from the weakness.

The figures for the third quarter of 2021 paint a clear picture: Things have also looked better for Samsung on the European smartphone market (source: Conterpoint Research).

European smartphone market: Samsung is feeling pressure from Xiaomi

Samsung was able to look back on a market share of 30.4 percent in the past quarter. Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, this is a big minus of 16 percent . And the comparison with the previous quarter is not very flattering either: the market researchers from Counterpoint Research report a decrease of 6 percent here.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, is completely different: The Chinese manufacturer continues to surf a wave of success in Europe and was able to secure a market share of 23.6 percent in the third quarter of 2021. That alone is remarkable, after all, Xiaomi and Samsung are only separated by around 7 percent. A look at the growth makes Xiaomi's success even more impressive: Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, the electronics company, which offers many other products in addition to smartphones (see video below), grew by a whopping 51 percent .

At least at the moment, Europeans can hardly get enough of Xiaomi smartphones.

Samsung is being grappled with on two sides

In addition to Xiaomi, Apple is also looking forward to a successful third quarter of 2021. The Californians increased their market share in Europe from 17.6 percent to more than 22.1 percent . Oppo comes to 10.1 percent after the takeover of OnePlus.

None of this is good news for Samsung. The manufacturer is currently being criticized from two sides . In the lower to medium price range, Xiaomi puts pressure, in the premium sector, on the other hand, Apple. The upcoming Galaxy S22 must be a liberation.


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