Samsung provides updates to Android phones for much longer than promised

Samsung provides updates to Android phones for much longer than promised

In recent years, Samsung has repeatedly surprised users because really ancient Android smartphones have received a software update. Now it has happened again and meets old classics.

Samsung Galaxy S8 gets software update

Although the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are almost five years old, the South Korean company has now suddenly released a software update. It's not about the December update, which current Galaxy models get from Samsung, but at least the November update. This fixes many errors and increases the security of the smartphone (source: SamMobile).

The software update for the Galaxy S8 smartphones will initially be distributed by Samsung in France . Over time, however, it should also be available in other regions. The company always first publishes a new software version in a country to see whether unforeseen problems arise there. The rollout will then continue.

Samsung is once again exceeding its update promises. The Galaxy S7 has had software updates for much longer than announced. Samsung is currently promising four years of Android updates after the market launch for models from the Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S8 is actually not considered here and is now supplied anyway. Samsung does this on some models that many people still use. The Galaxy S8 was a bestseller and still cuts a fine figure today.

Our test of the Samsung Galaxy S8:

Samsung Galaxy S22 is just around the corner

When the Samsung Galaxy S22 is officially launched in a few weeks, the Galaxy S8 will be five years old. Of course we don't know whether there will be software updates for the old Samsung phone, but we wouldn't rule it out. Of course, there are no new Android versions. The Galaxy S22 will hit the market directly with Android 12. This is no longer available for the Galaxy S8. Still an important sign to show that you take Android updates seriously.


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