Samsung makes smartphone insider tip even better in a new generation

Samsung makes smartphone insider tip even better in a new generation

If you think of a good and cheap Samsung smartphone, you have the Galaxy A52 in your head. But there is another model in Samsung's portfolio that is a small smartphone insider tip. In the next generation, it will be even more attractive.

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G gets a bigger battery

Samsung actually focuses on the Galaxy A series in the middle class. But the Galaxy M models are no less interesting - especially if you focus on battery life. The Galaxy M32 already had a very large battery with 5,000 mAh and, in combination with the other technical data, achieved an extremely long battery life. The Galaxy M33 5G trumps this value (source: SamMobile). A 5,830 mAh battery is supposed to be installed there.

The Galaxy M32 already convinced with a very good battery life and the Galaxy M33 could last even longer. The smartphones in this series have so far only been sold by Samsung and very few retailers such as Amazon. That's why the Galaxy M52 was also a little insider tip. With the Galaxy M33 5G, Samsung is upgrading again properly and could shake up the middle class in the lower price segment. The smartphones are usually a bit cheaper than the models in the Galaxy A series, just not as well known.

Android 12 should be preinstalled as the operating system. Further specifications are not yet known. We are certainly in a price segment of around 300 euros, which is of course very attractive. If the 5G modem is included, that becomes another reason to buy.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is much better known:

What are the differences to the Samsung Galaxy A series?

The Galaxy M series focuses on the essential properties of a smartphone. You get a large display, a big battery, a restrained design and a good camera. The Galaxy A series now has functions such as a 120 Hz display and waterproof properties. Of course, they cost more, but they also appeal to a different group of buyers.


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