Samsung in free fall: Europe has a new tablet winner

Samsung in free fall: Europe has a new tablet winner

Such a crash hurts: Samsung has to bake much smaller rolls in the third quarter of 2021. The minus for the South Koreans is huge. When buying tablets, Europeans currently only have eyes for one manufacturer.

For many tablet buyers, the iPad is still the gold standard. Nevertheless, Samsung in particular has been able to catch up quite a bit in the recent past. In the past third quarter of 2021, there was only one direction for the electronics company: downwards.

Tablet market in Europe: Samsung crashes by over 50 percent

The market share in Western Europe fell by more than half (source: Canalys). Specifically, the market researchers from Canalys speak of a drop of a whopping 53 percent. On the other hand, the picture at Apple is completely different: With its iPads, the US company has put on a real rally and increased by 33 percent year-on-year . In the months between July and September 2021, that was enough for a market share of 45 percent.

Apple is the only tablet manufacturer in Western Europe that could grow . In addition to Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei and Amazon are also struggling with massive losses. Overall, according to Canalys, the tablet market slumped by 20 percent in Q3 / 2021. 6.9 million units were sold in absolute terms. The market researchers explain Apple's success with Apple's constant focus on the tablet market. The manufacturer regularly brings new iPads onto the market throughout the year that appeal to every target group.

In fact, Apple currently has four iPads in its range, which are offered in several sizes and cover a wide price range from 379 euros to 1,199 euros. Depending on the equipment, buyers can spend even more money.

Samsung offers more than just smartphones and tablets:

Samsung is working to reverse the trend

For Samsung these are of course real horror numbers. According to the forecasts of other market researchers, the electronics giant could even lose the smartphone crown to Apple in the current quarter. After all, a plan to reverse the trend has already been forged.


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