Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 presented: Inexpensive Android tablet upgraded

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 presented: Inexpensive Android tablet upgraded

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, the South Korean manufacturer has presented a new Android tablet that has been technically upgraded and is supposed to position itself even better against the inexpensive iPad from Apple. It succeeds the Samsung Galaxy A7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 with a larger display

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a real best seller. The low price and the convincing features ensure that many people have bought the Android tablet. At the end of December, however, a successor will come onto the market with the Galaxy Tab A8. The new generation has a slightly larger 10.5-inch display with a 16:10 aspect ratio of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. The predecessor was 10.4 inches.

But not only the display has been enlarged, you should also be won over with good sound when you enjoy content. That's why Samsung has installed four speakers in the Galaxy Tab A8 that support Dolby Atmos . The new processor should have a higher performance of about 10 percent. There is also a new memory version with 128 GB, whereby the models with 32 and 64 GB are retained. The memory can be expanded by up to 1 TB using a microSD card. The RAM is 3 or 4 GB, depending on the version. So you shouldn't expect a performance miracle.

A 7,040 mAh battery, which can be quickly recharged with 15 watts, ensures a long battery life. The only operating system available is Android 11 and thus the older One UI. Buyers will then have to wait for an Android 12 update. In addition to a WiFi version, there will also be a model with LTE.

The many new customization options of Android 12 will only be available later on this tablet:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: price and availability

So far, Samsung has only revealed that the Galaxy Tab A8 will hit the market at the end of December. It is not known whether all configurations are really offered in Germany and what the Android tablet costs. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is sold for 229 euros (see Samsung). We should therefore also move in this area with the new generation.


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