Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: First hands-on video reveals final secrets

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: First hands-on video reveals final secrets

The fan edition of the Galaxy S21 from Samsung is finally getting closer. A short hands-on video has now emerged in which the smartphone can actually be seen - and not as a dummy, but fully functional. Samsung has not announced a date for the market launch of the Galaxy S21 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE can be seen in the video

Almost all the details of the Galaxy S21 FE are known, but real videos of the cell phone are so far in short supply. A dummy already gave an insight into the design, but that's how it stayed until now. Now a video has appeared on Instagram that shows the cell phone from the front and back (source: habla.concamilo).

Really new insights cannot be gained from the short video. The camera hump is the same color as the rest of the back and is less likely to separate. A triple camera is included, of which two sensors each have a resolution of 12 MP and one with 8 MP. The main sensor has an optical image stabilization.

The AMOLED display has a diagonal of 6.4 inches and is interrupted by the punch-hole camera. A refresh rate of 120 Hertz is supported. Just like the other models in the Galaxy S21 series, the Fan Edition is also designed to be waterproof and dustproof.

For the processor, Samsung has opted for the Snapdragon 888 , plus up to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. The battery has a capacity of 4,500 mAh. There should only be a 5G version, because Samsung apparently does without a pure LTE version.

Everything about the Galaxy S21 series in the video:

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Presentation expected in January

In January 2022, Samsung is expected to officially introduce the cell phone after a certain delay. The group has come under time pressure, since the Galaxy S22 cell phones are to be presented in February. In terms of price, the fan edition could be a surprise.


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