Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could be a real price-performance winner

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could be a real price-performance winner

Actually, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should have been introduced a long time ago. But the South Korean company had to postpone the presentation because of the current chip crisis. The wait might be worth it, however, if you can believe the latest information.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cheaper than expected?

There are many rumors about the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. It was only recently announced that the "Fan Edition" of the Galaxy S21 will be more expensive than the normal model - despite the weaker features. Of course, that doesn't make a lot of sense, because why should you buy this version when you can get the "original" for less money? But now everything should turn out differently .

According to the information from WinFuture, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should be significantly cheaper. The version with 128 GB of internal memory should only cost around 660 euros. You only have to pay 705 euros for double the storage space. These are probably prices from other EU countries. For Germany, 649 and 699 euros are assumed . That would be 200 euros less than the normal Galaxy S21.

Of course, you have to make small compromises with the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. The same Exynos 2100 processor should be installed, but the housing should be made entirely of plastic. It was already the case with the Galaxy S20 FE (for the test). The display should have a diagonal of 6.4 inches. This would place it between the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus . With the low price and the minimal cutbacks in equipment, a real price-performance winner is announced here.

You will be amazed where Samsung has a hand in the game:

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE expected in January

Due to the global chip crisis, the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has been delayed. In fact, it should have been revealed and on the market a long time ago. But now the smartphone will not be shown until January. The Galaxy S22 follows shortly afterwards. The price has to be right in any case for this cell phone to be bought at all.


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