Samsung Galaxy A73: Many Secrets of Mid-Range Phones Revealed

Samsung Galaxy A73: Many Secrets of Mid-Range Phones Revealed

Although Samsung has not yet officially announced the Galaxy A73, many details about the Android phone have now become known. The appearance of the mid-range smartphone should no longer be a secret after leaked render images.

Galaxy A73: Pictures show the next Samsung phone

Samsung wants to expand its popular A series. Just like its predecessor, the Galaxy A73 is likely to present itself as an upper mid-range smartphone . In addition to a large AMOLED display and a powerful battery, this also includes a very high-resolution camera.

The Galaxy A73 will certainly not win an award for the most unusual mobile phone design. Samsung has opted for a flat display that is reportedly 6.7 inches diagonal and has a refresh rate of 90 Hertz. The appearance is very reminiscent of the Galaxy A72. Just like its predecessor, there is a fingerprint scanner under the screen. The display is not made by Samsung, but in China.

On the back there is a quadruple camera that should allow pictures with up to 108 MP. It is not yet clear how the three other lenses will be resolved. The same applies to the selfie camera, which is hidden behind a camera hole at the top of the screen.

The Galaxy A73 should be a fairly durable cell phone. The battery is reported to have a capacity of 5,000 mAh and can be charged with 33 watts. Customers have to do without a classic headphone jack (source:

In the video: That's what we think of the Galaxy A52.

Samsung Galaxy A73 with Android 12

The Snapdragon 750G is probably used as the processor, which is supported by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of permanent storage. Android 12 is already preinstalled. The cell phone will be presented in black and gold in spring 2022 at the latest.


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