Redmi Note 11S and Note 11T hit the global market

The two Note 11 series phones were already presented in China a month ago, but today, they have been presented in the global market and have changed some of their characteristics .

Redmi Note 11S Global

Let's start by talking about the Redmi Note 11S, which according to rumors, will feature an outstanding 100mpx photo sensor, as well as a MediaTek Dimensity chipset .

What other features will the Redmi Note 11S feature?

For now, it is known that it is a mid-range device, designed for the global market and that it could be officially launched in the following weeks. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no images, although it is likely that it is related to the Note 11T , of which we share some images.

Likewise, there are rumors that we will find a large screen device, with a 90 Hz AMOLED panel , although, regarding its size, there are still no accurate details, it will be found at 6.67 ″ which is what general.

Among the technical specifications, we also find the possibility that it is a Dimensity 9000 or Dimensity 7000 model chipset. This leads us to think that it will be a mid-range phone, although with an economic price , very much in the style of the Redmi launches of these years ago.

Regarding the leaked information, there is also talk of the photographic sector. The Redmi Note 11S is expected to be supported by a 108 MP main sensor from Samsung , as well as an 8 MP wide angle and 2 MP macro lens, although a fourth sensor is also expected.

What about the price and possible release date of the Note 11S Global?

At the moment, no information is known about the launch of the Redmi Note 11S , although it is likely that the debut of the device will take place in the first months of 2022.

As for the price, it is expected to be around € 250 , even slightly less depending on the storage / Ram model they incorporate.

redmi nota 11t

Redmi Note 11T Global

On the other hand, the Redmi Note 11 T has already been officially presented in India, as an improved variant of the Redmi Note 11 5G. A smartphone that now features a MediaTek Dimensity 810 chipset.

What features and functions does the Redmi Note 11T offer us?

redmi note 11t

The Redmi Note 11 T processor is complemented by three versions of RAM, 4, 6 and 8 GB ; as well as internal storage of 64 and 128 GB.

Likewise, it is known that it has a 6.6-inch LCD screen and FullHD + resolution , in addition to a 90 Hz refresh rate.

With regard to the photographic sector, its main camera is 50 MP, the wide angle 8 MP and the secondary lens 2 MP . While the front sensor is 16 MP.

In other of its characteristics, we find a 5,000 mAh battery with 33W fast charging, Bluetooth 5.1 and infrared port, as well as Wi Fi 6 connection .

What about the price and availability of the Note 11T?

The Redmi Note 11T is available in three versions: 4/64, 6/128 or 8/128 GB , for now, only for sale in India, although it is very likely that for the first months of 2022 it can be purchased in EUROPE and other parts of the world and have the same characteristics, although a higher price.

Speaking of their prices, in their various versions, they start at € 199 for the 4/64 model , € 210 for the 6 / 128GB model and € 223 for the 8/128 model .

redmi note 11t


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