PS5 Disc Edition available at O2: Is the bundle offer worthwhile?

PS5 Disc Edition available at O2: Is the bundle offer worthwhile?

It will no longer end up under the Christmas tree, but if you want to own a PS5 with a drive at the beginning of next year, you should take a closer look at the current o2 range. The coveted NextGen console is available for a short time as an addition to the mobile phone tariff. We'll reveal whether the offer is worth it.

PS5 Disc Edition + headset + 12 months PS Plus with mobile phone tariff at o2

Anyone who finally wants to secure a PS5 and can also use a mobile phone tariff should know this offer from o2: The mobile phone retailer adds the console as an addition to a free tariff of your choice , the delivery time is currently 7 weeks. It is the PS5 with drive , there is also an original Pulse 3D headset and 12 months of PlayStation Plus free of charge. If you are interested, however, you should hurry because the numbers are strictly limited and the digital edition is already sold out. Also good to know: if you take your phone number with you, you will receive a EUR 100 change bonus.

Signing a mobile phone contract only to finally get hold of a PS5 sounds like a farmer's trick at first. We have therefore calculated the offer and used the popular O2 "Free M" tariff as an example, with all-network and SMS flat rates as well as 20 GB 5G / LTE data volume for 44.99 euros per month. You can also choose from other tariffs with more or less data volume.

The details of the "o2 Free M" tariff at a glance

Network: o2 20 GB LTE / 5G data volume (max. 300 MBit / s) Allnet and SMS flat rate EU roaming including 24 months minimum term, 1 month notice period

For 5 euros more per month, the console bundle is also available with the "o2 Free M Boost " and 40 GB LTE / 5G data volume as well as the option of using the tariff on several devices at the same time ("Connect option").

PS5 with O2 Free-M contract: is the offer worth it?

The costs of the offer at a glance: PS5 Disc Edition + o2 Free M basic fee
(monthly) 44.99 euros additional payment
(once, at the beginning of the contract) 1 euro connection fee
(one-time, at the start of the contract) EUR 39.99 shipping costs
(one-time) 4.99 euros total costs after 24 months
(in the event of termination at the end of the minimum contract period,
monthly and one-time costs added) 1125.74 EUR equipment worth 500 € + 90 € + 60 € cost effective tariff
(Total costs minus device value ) EUR 475.74 Effective tariff costs per month EUR 19.82 For the offer at o2

Let's get out the calculator: The PS5 Disc Edition costs around 500 euros - at least in theory, because it is currently sold out everywhere. On eBay, prices range between 700 and 800, but we use the RRP for our account. The Pulse headphones cost around 90 euros and a PlayStation Plus subscription for 12 months costs around 60 euros.

If you subtract these values ​​from the total costs over a 24-month contract period, you have 475.74 euros left for the tariff. That corresponds to 19.82 euros per month for an Allnet and SMS flat rate with 20 GB LTE / 5G data volume. The normal price for the "o2 Free M" tariff is 29.99 euros per month - a good deal from this point of view , especially since the 100 euros exchange bonus is not even included here.

Of course, the bill only works if you cancel at the end of the minimum contract period. If you should forget that, the contract will not be extended for another year, but can be canceled on a monthly basis. The basic fee is also reduced to 29.99 euros (Free M) or 34.99 euros (Free M Boost) from the 25th month.

Note that the offer sold out very quickly last time . The NextGen console is still completely out of stock at other retailers, check the current availability here:

How the PS5 compares to the Xbox Series X, you can find out in the video:


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