Price shock at TomTom: This is how expensive navigation by smartphone is

Price shock at TomTom: This is how expensive navigation by smartphone is

TomTom is turning the price screw: The Dutch provider of navigation solutions is increasing the subscription prices for its navigation app, in some cases drastically. In the worst case, Android and iOS users have to pay four times as much.

Whether on foot, on a bike or in the car: For many people, navigation is one of the core functions of their smartphones. Anyone who has previously relied on the TomTom navigation app will have to dig much deeper into their pockets in the future.

TomTom is drastically increasing subscription prices for navigation apps

The Dutch company significantly increased the subscription prices for the navigation app in the second week of December (source: iPhone ticker). For example, if the 1-month subscription cost 1.99 euros so far, it is now 7.99 euros. If you want to commit yourself for 6 months, you now pay 39.99 euros instead of the previous 12.99 euros. The surcharge for the family subscription, which now costs 52.99 euros, is particularly juicy. So far, this has been available for around 20 euros.

All new and old subscription prices for the TomTom navigation app at a glance:

1-month subscription: 7.99 euros (previously: 1.99 euros) 3-month subscription: 13.99 euros (previously 4.99 euros) 6-month subscription: 23.99 euros (previously: 8, 99 euros) 12-month subscription: 39.99 euros (previously: 12.99 euros) Family subscription: 52.99 euros (previously: 19.99 euros)

According to Golem, the new prices are not yet listed everywhere . The old prices are still available in the Google Play Store, but the new ones are available in the Apple App Store. And the new subscription prices are only partially listed on the TomTom website. So there is currently a bit of chaos at TomTom.

How to get even more out of Google Maps:

Are smartphone users turning their backs on TomTom?

A few months ago, Stiftung Warentest recognized the TomTom Go app as the best navigation app for Android users. It wasn't enough to win on the iPhone, but it was one of the top places. In view of the dramatic increase in subscription prices, however, many smartphone users are likely to turn their backs on TomTom and rely on on-board tools such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.


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