Pokémon GO: Anyone who has an iPhone 13 Pro can be happy

Pokémon GO: Anyone who has an iPhone 13 Pro can be happy

Pokémon GO is available in a new version for iOS. Owners of an iPhone 13 Pro (Max) can be pleased because they will benefit most from the update. But the AR game from Niantic is now more fun on other iPhones as well.

Pokémon GO now runs smoother on iPhones

The mobile AR game Pokémon GO is already a few years old, but is still being supplied with updates. IPhone owners shouldn't miss the latest update. If the game was previously limited to 30 frames per second under iOS, the maximum refresh rate of the mobile phone can now also be used (source: The Verge). In practice, this is noticeable when the game runs more smoothly.

How much liquid Pokémon GO runs on the iPhone depends on the model. The iPhone 13 Pro (Max) benefits most with its ProMotion display . A refresh rate of 120 Hertz is possible here. Other iPhones have to be content with 60 Hertz, which is still a noticeable improvement. Older iPhones, on the other hand, could not always reliably provide 60 Hertz over a longer period of time.

The higher refresh rate is disabled by default . Accordingly, it must be switched on by the user himself in the Pokémon GO options. Why the 60 or 120 Hertz are not activated automatically could have something to do with the increased power consumption. Pokémon GO is considered a power hog even at 30 frames per second.

We have collected professional tips for Pokémon GO in the video:

Pokémon GO: Popular despite the pandemic

While corona lockdowns and curfews for Pokémon GO certainly didn't help, the game continues to be hugely popular. Since its release, it is said to have brought developers around $ 5 billion in sales. As in every month, there will be another Community Day in December 2021.


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