Pixel-Watch: Google s first smartwatch is supposed to show how it s done right

Pixel-Watch: Google s first smartwatch is supposed to show how it s done right

The rumors about a top smartwatch from Google are growing. After the pixel smartphones, the smart watch from our own production should also set standards. With this you are targeting Apple directly.

Google's Smartwatch: First Features Leaked

Not much is known about Google's rumored plans for its own smartwatch in the coming year, but the veil is lifting little by little. Inside information suggests that Google is pursuing the same strategy with the smartwatch, which is often referred to as the "Pixel Watch" - the name is not certain - as with the Pixel smartphones: Show customers and the competition what is possible.

The Galaxy Watch 4 already uses WearOS, which was jointly developed by Google and Samsung. However, one cannot yet speak of a breakthrough of the system, some functions are still missing months after the market launch. As an insider reveals, Google's own smartwatch should instead show what is possible when hardware and software interlock perfectly (source: Business Insider via The Verge).

The details are still covered. The few insights into Google's plans do not look groundbreaking: Apparently there should be heart rate measurement and a step counter - the absolute basics. The integration of a Fitbit app on the Google Smartwatch, which is probably also being prepared, could be exciting. There is still a lot to be done before the start of the smartwatch, which is to be developed under the project name "Rohan".

Competitor to the Apple Watch: Google wants to see money

According to The Verge, Google's smartwatch - similar to the current Pixel phones - will not be an entry-level model. Instead, they will compete with the Apple Watch on price. From 400 euros and up would then be expected. To do this, Google must also deliver features that are worth the money.

Before buying a smartwatch, you should consider a few things:

You couldn't just orientate yourself towards Apple when it comes to the price range. The largely entangled integration into Google's own services could also be a great advantage for a Pixel Watch.


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