Pixel 6 (Pro): Did Google Slither During Manufacturing?

Pixel 6 (Pro): Did Google Slither During Manufacturing?

Shortly after the Pixel 6 (Pro) was released, there were first reports of a breakable display. Now there are increasing complaints from owners that the screen is far too sensitive. It may even be a manufacturing error.

With the Pixel 6 and the even better Pro version, Google has presented two stylish and powerful smartphones that we also liked very much. Quite a few initial problems have already been solved by software updates - but Google may now be facing difficulties of a completely different dimension .

Pixel 6 (Pro): display already defective at the factory?

In the meantime, there are more and more reports from users who complain about a display that is prone to breakage . In particular, the Pixel 6 Pro, with its screen rounded on the sides, is said to be far too sensitive and show the first damage quickly. But even with the standard display, not everything is as it should be. Complaints can be read in both Google's support forum and Reddit.

Since the reports are piling up and often sound similar, there may be a manufacturing error . In this case, only a Google recall could remedy the situation.

Google advertises that the Pixel 6 (Pro) uses the particularly robust Gorilla Glass Victus . Other current top smartphones do not offer better protection either, which is why the problems with the Pixel 6 seem so unusual.

This is what we think of the Google Pixel 6:

Where do the Pixel 6 (Pro) display issues come from?

Google has since confirmed the problem and indicated that they would like to investigate the case. Regardless of this, strongly fluctuating temperatures could be responsible for cracks in the screen. There is also speculation about pressure points that may have been set incorrectly during production and that only become noticeable over time.


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