Otto offers of the week: Samsung TV & cashback campaign in the bargain check

Otto offers of the week: Samsung TV & cashback campaign in the bargain check

New offers of the week at Otto: The German mail order company has once again turned the red pencil and reduced many products from the areas of televisions, smartwatches and gaming. We have found out for you which of the advertised deals are actually good offers. Offers in December - Which deals are really worthwhile?

Otto has new reduced items every Wednesday up to and including Tuesday, this time including a lot of televisions, monitors, headphones and gaming hardware. But is every offer really worthwhile or are Amazon and Co. possibly cheaper? If you want to get hold of real bargains, you should compare prices . Or: ask xiaomist! The following promotional prices apply up to and including December 21, 2021 or while stocks last.

You currently have the option of payment in installments with 0% financing until December 31, 2021 .

This week's offers at Otto in the price check

We compared the prices and summarized the best deals of the current week for you:

Samsung 65-inch Premium QLED TV for 1,729 euros (instead of 2,299 euros RRP): The 65-inch QLED TV from Samsung has a 4K image resolution and a native image resolution of 100 Hz. In Otto's current cashback campaign, you can Secure either a Galaxy S20 FE or 300 euros when buying.

Samsung 55-inch Premium QLED TV for 1,299 euros (instead of 1,699 euros RRP): The 55-inch LED TV from Samsung has a 4K image resolution and a native image resolution of 100 Hz. In Otto's current cashback promotion, you can you can also secure yourself either a Galaxy S20 FE or 250 euros when buying.

LG 77 inch OLED TV for 2,499 euros (instead of 4,999 euros): This 77-inch giant from LG with OLED display has 4K image resolution, an a7 intelligent processor and a native refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Samsung 24 inch curved monitor for 139 euros : With 24 inch and full HD resolution, 4 ms response time, 144 Hz, and two HDMI connections.

Samsung 32 inch curved gaming monitor for 299 euros : 32 inch monitor from Samsung with WQHD resolution, 144 Hz and 1 ms response time.

Samsung Curved Monitor for 164.90 euros (instead of 229 euros RRP): 27-inch monitor from Samsung with FH resolution, 60 Hz and 4 ms response time.

Sony in-ear headphones for 229 euros (instead of 279.99 euros RRP): Bluetooth headphones from Sony with active noise canceling, up to 24 hours of playback time.

Sony stereo soundbar for 79 euros (instead of 149.99 euros RRP): Can be connected to the television via HDMI or Bluetooth to the smartphone.

Samsung Evo Plus for 16.99 euros (instead of 37.90 euros): Samsung microSD with 256 GB storage capacity and, thanks to the UHS speed class 3, enables 4K video and series image recordings.

Nintendo Switch controller charging station for 22.99 euros (instead of 29.99 euros): This controller charging station can be used both to charge the two Joy-Cons and as a traditional controller.

Nintendo Game & Watch for 39.99 euros (instead of 59.99 euros): This mini-console contains the three Zelda titles "The Legend of Zelda", "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link" and "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "and the Game & Watch classic Vermin with Link as a playable character.

Are you looking for a PlayStation 5? Then you should take a closer look at the following PS5 offer:

20 AA batteries from GP for 3.99 euros (instead of 11.99 euros RRP)


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