Oppo Find N: New folding cell phone not as flawless as expected?

Oppo Find N: New folding cell phone not as flawless as expected?

With the Find N, Oppo presented its first folding mobile phone and trumped the competition with a display that produced no creases and distorted the display - at least that's what it looked like. The truth is, the screen isn't as flawless as it appears almost everywhere.

Oppo Find N: Display curls in the middle

When Oppo presented the Find N, everyone was enthusiastic - including us. Finally a folding mobile phone that does not fold into a fold that is permanently visible. This was communicated in many videos. If you hold the smartphone at the right angle, the screen is flawless. Especially the comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is like a revolution . Even smartphone experts have shared corresponding pictures:

However, the community is skeptical and has started looking for it itself. The result is clear. Thanks to the new folding mechanism, in which the screen is not bent, but only arched inside , there is no crease, but the display is wavy. Can be seen particularly clearly when switched off and at the correct angle.

But even when it is switched on, the Oppo Find N's screen does not seem to be perfect. Instead of a thick fold like on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 , you can see two coarser waves :

With the Find N, Oppo has definitely built an interesting folding phone, but the device is not completely flawless . It will also have to be shown how the representation in the area of ​​the hinge changes over time. Neither the Samsung model nor the Oppo solution are perfect and offer advantages and disadvantages. Only over time will it become clear which solution will prevail.

Oppo Find N so far only for China

So far, the Oppo Find N has only been announced for China. It will be sold there in the next few days for the equivalent of 1,073 euros. It is not known if and when it will also be sold outside of China.


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